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The multitude of concerns and issues by today's constituents can be overwhelming.  In talking to my voters, no matter the age, most mention education or healthcare first.  If there is an issue you would like to know more about, please respond to me in the contact section.  I look forward to chatting with you.



Improve education to match Nevada's growing economy.

Nevada needs to develop a comprehensive plan for improvement, decide how much is needed, and then develop an incremental funding plan to get there.  Our children are behind even before they enter school.  Should we stop funding education piecemeal with each session?


Health Care:

Improve health care access and affordability including improvements for telemedicine in rural Nevada.

While much of our healthcare is dependent on what Washington, D.C. decides, Nevada has a committee to study options.  I support continued expansion of Medicaid which especially helps children and seniors.  A solution must be determined and implemented and I want to be part of the solution.  No one should die or have to go bankrupt because of illness. 


Economic Security:

Ensure working families have resources that improve quality of life, including equity for women.

I support equal pay for women and a living wage for all workers.


Secure a safe and adequate water supply, good air quality and good stewardship of our public lands for Nevadans today and in the future.



 Ensure policies that assist seniors to have a dignified retirement.

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